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Our History

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Rooted in Milano's Inspiration

Our founder, Ayşegül Kunter Yanık
studied fashion design at the prestigious
Marangoni Institute in Milano, immersing
herself in the world of haute couture.

She further expanded her expertise by
pursuing accessories design at Domus

This educational journey empowered her
to master the intricate art of creating
exquisite bags that harmoniously blend
form and function.

Our brand is a testament to the enduring
legacy of Italian fashion and the artistic
prowess nurtured within the city's
esteemed institutions.



Every piece in our collection reflects the fusion of Milano’s timeless elegance and our designer’s creative vision.

From the meticulous selection of materials to the meticulous craftsmanship, each bag carries
a piece of Milano’s influence, captivating discerning individuals who appreciate the beauty of finely crafted accessories.

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Celebrate Milano's Inspiration, Join Our Remarkable Journey.

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